Allendale and Beyond Day 1 - Allendale to Shorngate Cross

Walk 16 in Haltwhistle Spring Walking Festival, 2016. Photos by Marj Baillie, Geoff Chrisp and Maureen Hart
LIght snowfall in Haltwhistle Market Place at the start of the walk Everyone is smiling at this point More snow as the walk gets underway on the moors above Allendale Conditions worsen
The walkers tramp bravely on George looks after a gate P1050075 P1050076
Marj tries to shield ewes and lambs from noisy observers d  MG 2083 Coffee stop - which was brief
The snow has stopped briefly Ann, our magnificent leader for this walk The view from our coffee stop The mandatory group photos as the snow starts again
P1050089 Note that the snow is horizontal here Lunch in the "shelter" of grouse butts P1040588
It was very wet inside the butts A hot drink is very welcome And a few sandwiches Some observed from outside
Andy keeps smiling Chris is a bit wet and cold Wonderful views when the snow eases off P1050106
P1050109 Tony, outside the shooters' hut Sue Ann
Are we nearly there? Several people slipped over, but few photographers had cameras ready to capture them! P1050124 P1040605
P1040595 P1040596 Brief respite in a shooters' hut. Massage for wet, frozen hands Ketih, our weather man
 MG 2097  MG 2098  MG 2101 P1040607
The bus was waiting and we were ahead of time! The cairn at Shorngate Cross We survived!! Al, Marj and Tony George fell fast asleep on the bus home.