Allendale and Beyond Day 4 - Ashgill to Allendale

Walk 25 in Haltwhistle Spring Walking Festival, 2016. Photos by Sandy Chrisp and Maureen Hart
James, Geoff, Ann and John - the team for the walk Geoff was the leader for this walk The group Across the moors
IMG 2047 04-P1040716 05-P1040717 06-P1040719
07-P1040720 09-P1040722 IMG 2048 10-P1040723
11-P1040724 12-P1040725 13-P1040726 Bit wet at times?
James does a "did you know?" 15-P1040729 IMG 2051 Wet lunch
17-P1040731 18-P1040732 19-P1040733 20-P1040735
22-P1040740 23-P1040742 24-P1040743 25-P1040744
26-P1040745 27-P1040746 IMG 2052 IMG 2053
28-P1040748 29-P1040752 These people walked all four day. 31-P1040757
IMG 2055 32-P1040758 33-P1040759 34-P1040760
35-P1040761 36-P1040762 At the Comrades Club after the walk 38-P1040764