Brocolitia - the short circular

7 mile walk on May 2nd in Haltwhistle Spring Walking Festival 2014. Photos by Marj Baillie
Looking north from Brocolitia P1010173 P1010174 Heading down to the boggy areas north of the Wall
P1010175 P1010176 P1010172 P1010178
P1010180 P1010181 P1010182 P1010184
P1010186 P1010187 P1010188 Lunch in the wood above Simonburn
St Mungo's Church, Simonburn Austin lines up the shot P1010195 The group
Simonburn Tea rooms that way St Mungo's Church, Simonburn P1010202 P1010203
P1010204 P1010205 P1010206 P1010207
P1010208 P1010209 P1010210 P1010211
P1010212 P1010213 P1010214 Harry points out an interesting feature
P1010215 Village green Simonburn P1010217 Chipchase Castle
P1010220 Marj addresses the group P1010222 P1010223
P1010224 P1010225 P1010226 Back to the cars