Christianbury Crags

Walk on October 3rd in Haltwhistle Autumn Walking Festival
Bill starts the day well Al brought Sue along Maureen, Al and Sue Listening to Harry
Pretty misty Hundreds of spiders' webs Morning coffee stop Anne at coffee stop
 MG 0428 coffee stop  MG 0431 portrait Our leader James
The mist begins to lift Hanging rock James Listening to Harry again
Maureen at Hanging Rock On to the crags  MG 0448 in the mist No trick processing used here even though it looks odd
Enjoying the sunshine Lunch break  MG 0470 John and James Preparing for group photo
The group on the first long walk of this festival Exploring the crags John below the crags  MG 0502 Anne crags
 MG 0509 Christianbury Crags  MG 0510 crags Through the woods Last heather flowers
Mist increases as we descend More spiders' webs Another stop to listen Extra walker?
Even more extras! Tea break on "sunny" bank Stable yard Harvest festival in Bewcastle Church
 MG 0550 Harvest  MG 0551 white flowers