Colleges, Limericks and Swans - Edmundbyers Circular

Walk 13 in Haltwhistle Spring Walking Festival 2017. Photos by Maureen Hart, Helen MacFarlane and Marj Baillie
Looking back to Edmundbyers (panorama) P1070149 Wonderfully dry on the moors today  MG 9796
Al looks a bit dangerous with those poles Ann is our leader Ann reads a limerick written for the group by one of her brothers.  MG 9807
The audience enjoyed it Irene  with that wonderful hat Mary and Bruce Maureen with Diana in the background
 MG 9808 Geoff caught in a moment of quiet contemplation! Off we go again  MG 9816
Chris Maureen usually has the camera ready Can we find a spot that is out of the wind? Ginny considers renovating this wonderful old house
The old range Discarded on the mantlepiece Remnants of the past By lunchtime it is very windy and we all find places to shelter amongst old farm machinery
I wonder what is in Ann's sandwich? Keeping warm One person had lunch in the old netty Many years ago, a gruesome murder took place at this farm. Geoff tells the tale and Kevin acts every part!
He was hit on the back of the head and his false teeth shot out! He's falling over A dramatic death P1000973
The audience seemed to find the sad tale very funny... There was a judge in the story who was very severe  MG 9876
Onwards says Ann, eventually restoring order  MG 9849  MG 9854  MG 9869
 MG 9881 P1070156 Ann has a great story too - but hers sounds real! P1000980
 MG 9883  MG 9884 Back at the pub, Al is presented with a teeshirt and a pie