Ecology Walk with Gill Thompson

Walk 10 in Haltwhistle Spring Walking Festival. Photos by Joanne Rimmer and Marj Baillie
 MG 9704 first huddle  MG 9707 Crag Lough  MG 9711 Sycamore Gap  MG 9712 sheep whin sill
 MG 9715 wrap up warm  MG 9716 Dennis  MG 9718 Gill  MG 9727 otter spraint
It stopped raining for lunch and the sun shone  MG 9731 Maria Sharp  MG 9732 Greenlee Lough On the board walk
Crossing the board walk  MG 9733 group assembles  MG 9734 group  MG 9745 group
 MG 9747 group  MG 9750 Gill  MG 9753 Katharine  MG 9758 reeds
 MG 9760 Gibbs Hill