Garigill to Alston

Walk 23 in Haltwhistle Autumn Walking Festival 2016. Photos by Marj Baillie, Maureen Hart and Chris Marples
01-P1000569  It's a bit chilly when we arrive in Garigill DSC7432  An essential visit to the local toilets before the walk starts! IMG 8239 IMG 8240
DSC7434  Our climb is rewarded by beautiful views 03-P1060937 02-P1000570  Geoff allows occasional stops to catch our breath DSC7436  The views keep on getting better
07-P1060941  Tony's groupo photo - for once Marj is in the picture! DSC7438 IMG 8247 03-P1000571  Coffee stop
DSC7443 all walks  This group walked every day of the festiva: Chris, Gwen, Sandy, Geoff, Chris and Geoff. That's over 100 miles each. 04-P1000572  Serious discussions over coffee 05-P1000573  Smile for the camera Ann and Ann. DSC7445  Tony and Al are on the team
IMG 8253 DSCF2266 10-P1060944  These paths are rarely travelled 06-P1000576  Gwen posing (on a wet patch of grass)
DSC7452 19-P1060953  The Nent Valley. Note the tree planting. DSC7454  Geoff tells the walkers abou the Nenthead mines DSC7455
DSC7459 blip  This is the valley above Nenthead DSCF2272 07-P1000580 DSCF2274
DSCF2277 DSC7461  Lunch in Nenthead and Al tells a tale DSC7462 DSC7463
DSC7465 chapel doors  The old Wesleyan Chapel is in need of tlc 08-P1000581  Pippa IMG 8262 09-P1000582
DSC7469 frog  A friendly frog on our route DSC7470  We join Isaac's tea trail in the afternoon 32-P1060968 11-P1000587  "I see no ships". Marj is also on the team
34-P1060970 36-P1060972 DSCF2284 DSC7471  This must be tea time
IMG 8288 DSC7473 crepuscular  Crepuscular rays as the skies darken IMG 8292 39-P1060975  Someone is taking a photo
DSC7476 IMG 8299 12-P1000591 13-P1000592  A very friendly horse blocks our way
43-P1060979 DSC7479 DSC7481 14-P1000595
15-P1000596 16-P1000597 46-P1060982 47-P1060983
17-P1000598  The team: Geoff, Alistair, Marj and Tony, not forgetting Chris the driver. DSC7488 walked every day  Another shot of the group who walked every day