Hartside to Garigll via Cross Fell

Walk 20 in Haltwhistle Autumn Walking Festival 2016. Photos by Geoff Chrisp and Tony Miller
Walkers gather themselves ready to start at the top of Hartside Pass 01-IMG 8185 04-P1060894 02-IMG 8190
03-IMG 8192 Soon they are on top of the world! 06-P1060896 08-P1060898
P1060080 Harry leads the way 04-DSCF2257 11-P1060901
P1060087 P1060088 P1060089 P1060090
P1060091 P1060092 05-IMG 8206 12-P1060902
14-P1060904 15-P1060905 17-P1060907 06-IMG 8211
07-IMG 8212 P1060093 08-IMG 8213 P1060094
09-DSCF2259 10-DSCF2260 11-IMG 8216 19-P1060909
20-P1060910 Our volunteers are always cheerful, even when the paparazzi arrive! P1060096 P1060099
P1060100 P1060101 P1060102 P1060103
P1060104 P1060106 P1060107 12-IMG 8222
22-P1060913 13-DSCF2262 P1060109 P1060114
P1060115 P1060116 P1060117 P1060118
P1060119 Happy Birthday to Harry (65 tomorrow) Andy wipes a tear from his eye at the end of Kevin's rendition of Happy Birthday! P1060124
P1060126 Are you having a good time? P1060128 P1060129