Isaac's Tea Trail Day 3 - Group A

May 5th Haltwhistle Spring Walking Festival 2014. Photos by Lil Young and Bruce MacFarlane
Advert Australian tea 'The' Billy Tea Gathering in Haltwhistle for the Tea Trail on the final day Advert faint Typhoo tea Advert The 'Famous' Billy Tea
Advert 'The' Australian Billy Tea Typhoo Tea IMG 0001 P1010840
Jet plane used to dry the hay at Mount Pleasant? IMG 0003 Advert Jas inglis Tea Merchant Someone looking to join the wallk
Chapel at Keenley 2014 -25205 -25207 21 43 Advert Don't forget Bettys Tea The covert used to drain the mines near to Allendale
These people walked all 3 days of the Tea Trail