Kielder Stane Revisited

Walk in Haltwhistle Autumn Walking Festival. Photos by Marj Baillie and Geoff Chrisp
A misty start to the walk through the forest Andy enjoys his coffee break Harry lead this walk The mist appears to be winning
Perhaps there are views? THURS KIELDER STANE Forestry details Spiders' webs everywhere
Where are we? Dave - still in shorts! Toiling uphill  MG 0571
It's still quite misty! But we are happy despite the mist Moorland detail  MG 0579
The sun came our We can do it! Heading down towards the Stane  MG 0587
 MG 0588  MG 0592 Down he goes No hard done!
This is the Kielder Stane Harry looks for the engraved letters  MG 0615  MG 0619
Here they are: N and D (reversed) Tony at the Stane There is only one way to go around the stane Ruth finds a good lunch spot
 MG 0621  MG 0623  MG 0624 Alison and Carole
Marj always has her camera Ian and Corinne (who is beautifully colour coordinated) Carole at lunch Enid
The group (apart from those behind the stane) Harry leads the way back up The views become wonderful in the afternoon  MG 0666
George Andy (smiling despite the sprained foot) Dave checking his phone........! Corinne
Ian  MG 0676  MG 0678  MG 0679
The viewing box above Kielder Water Some pictures are better in mono Kielder Water Take care going downhill
James snoozes on the bus home