King Water Valley

Walk 18 in Haltwhistle Walking Festival 2016. Photos by Marj Baillie, John Johnson and Sue Waller
The group at Walton at the start of the walk They seem to be rushing somewhere Audrey reconnects the electric fence (that was across our path) 04- DSC7295
Coffee time David like the look of this rope and starts to climb the tree! Through delightful woods
09- DSC7304 "This way" says the rhea : halkwhistle Friday Autumn colours are just beginning to show Sheila meets a tiny friend
The village school The friendly local farmer No paparazzi says his wife, but shows us the wonderful gardens Autumn crocuses
17- DSC7319 Very friendly young cattle approaching They want to be our friends Marj persuades them to stay back until everyone is through the gate
3-halkwhistle Friday 003 : halkwhistle Friday John, Jean and Caroline take over Washing boots at the end of the walk