North of the Wall and Farmhouse Tea

Walk 13 in Haltwhistle Spring Walking Festival, 2016. Photos by Peter Newman
The walk starts at Cawfield Quarry Heading north on Hadrian's Wall Trail P428001403 The view along the Whin Sill is always spectacular
P428002005 Plenty of stiles to cope with Thinking of tea no doubt P428003109
P428003310 P428004211 Lunch for those who can't wait for tea! P428006013
P428006114 P428006215 P428007116 P428007417
P428007518 P428007719 P428007920 Pleased to meet you
P428010423 P428010524 P428011225 The farm is in sight at last
Everyone into the kitchen P428012228 Some serious eating going on in here Wow, look at the tea
Bernard is a happy man Karen looks on as people enjoy the food P428014135 P428014736
P428015037 P428015338 Meanwhile on the farm Someone has been busy
The lambs are always popular Especially when they are this cute! The calves don't want to be left out Heading towards the end of the walk
P428028145 P428028246 P428028848 Still a bit of a walk to do
P428030450 P428031451 P428032652 Cawfields at last