Old Roads 2 - Corbrigg Gate

Walk in Haltwhistle Autumn Walking Festival, 2014. Photos by Geoff Chrisp, Marj Baillie, Peter Gill, Dennis Burns and Maureen Hart
PenninePathsSat6 ed PenninePathsSat2 ed IMG 5355 IMG 5377
IMG 5379 Starting out at Nenthead Community toilets! Brians adjusts Maureen's back pack After the first climb to the moor tops
 MG 2574 colour  MG 2574  MG 2575 coffee stop1 ED
coffee stop2 ED the blue paramos ed Harry stops for a "did you know" moment. Listening attentively to Harry
Cathy in the rain....... guess who ed The weather was quite dramatic at times. Very windy and intermittent heavy rain Pippa captures the moment, but where is Harry?
The rainbows kept appearing Brian also in the rain Wonderful views between the showers  MG 2590
Peter and Dave both listening to Harry. The rain has stopped. The whole group P1020676 ed On the way to Scabby Cleugh
Lunch time and Cathy enjoys her sandwiches. What's in the packet Bob? It WAS date and walnut.  Obviously delicious. Lun time for the blue Paramo girls.
All the people wearing Paramo get together. Dennis after lunch Onwards and upwards over the moors Another chance to learn about the Old Roads of the North Pennines
Always together and always happy. Harry does a stick dance demonstration. Stick dancing 2 P1020677 ed
IMG 5383 IMG 5384 Finding the route - rather boggy and wet underfoot. More listening
Marj with that camera again We did not need to report any vehicles today. IMG 5387 IMG 5393
More stunning views. Sharing jelly babies at tea time. P1020678 ed  MG 2668
The proffessionals ed We were well ahead of time at Alson Railway Station. Chris prepares to take us back to Haltwhistle.