Reivers' Rally at the Kielder Stane

First walk in the Spring walking festival 2013. Photos by Heather Straughan and Maureen Hart.
 MG 7843 DAvid colour Colin P1000268 P1000270
P1000271 P1000272 P1000273 P1000274 P1000275
P1000276 P1000277 P1000278 P1000280 P1000281
IMG 6867 P1000282 P1000283 P1000284 P1000285
P1000286 P1000287 P1000288 P1000289 P1000290
P1000291 P1000292 P1000294 P1000295 P1000296
P1000297 P1000298 P1000299 P1000300 P1000302
P1000303 P1000305 IMG 6889 At Kielder Stane At Kielder Stane crop
P1000311 IMG 6879 P1000312 P1000313 P1000269
P1000314 P1000315 P1000317 P1000318 P1000319
IMG 6871 P1000322 P1000323 P1000324 P1000325
P1000326 P1000327 P1000328 P1000329 P1000330
P1000331 IMG 6873 IMG 6877 IMG 6876 P1000332
P1000333 P1000334 CIMG0059 P1000335 P1000336
P1000337 IMG 6896 P1000338 P1000339 P1000340
P1000341 P1000343 CIMG0052