Roaming the Irthing Valley

Walk in Haltwhistle Autumn Festival, 2014.
The route Crossing beside the Irthing Alistair crosses beside the Irthing The tail end cross beside the Irthing
Crossing the stile 6 Irthing walk with stile-6 Coffee time at Wallholme 9 Irthing
Cows looking south west 10 Irthing Not the original wall Turret at Banks
12 Turret @ Banks What are they discussing? Legionnaires' view of the south Over the Wall
Lunch time Another lunch table And yet another Fourth lunch table
Hayton Gate hut Enjoying the walk IMG 3647 IMG 3648
Lanercost Priory Inside the Priory 24  Lanercost Priory Through the window
Autumn colours in the Priory Down the hill again IMG 3650 IMG 3660
Weir on the Irthing IMG 3651 The group by the Irthing IMG 3652
IMG 3653 IMG 3654 IMG 3655 IMG 3659
Bridge at Lanerton 29 Bridge @ Lanerton St Cuthbert's church A last look back