Roman Round Day 4 - Gilsland to Haltwhistle

Walk 24 in the Haltwhistle Spring Walking Festival, 2017. Photos by Marj Baillie, Irene Mason and Rob Pegg
Not far into the walk, Geoff calls us to a halt because...... Chris Sharp has just completed 100 miles in the festival SAM 8832 Sheep at trig point on Kellah Moor
Whole group on Kellah Moor. (It was a bit windy up there.) Margaret tries to smile whilst eating a banana SAM 8827 SAM 8828
SAM 8830 SAM 8834 SAM 8839 P1030601
SAM 8844 Battling the wind P1030604 P1030606
P1030602 SAM 8845 SAM 8847 Lunch beneath the viaduct
Lunch under the Lambley viaduct in sunshine Fortunately the fallen tree did not floate away P1120189 Frank is caught with the packet of jelly babies in his hand!
The magnificent viaduct SAM 8852 SAM 8853 Did we believe his story about pineapple production in the South Tyne Valley??
Listening to Geoff tell us about the construction of the viaduct There are a few stiles today SAM 8857 SAM 8859
Featherstone POW camp is always an interesting place to stop This is the one remaining gatepost after last year's floods. SAM 8862 Featherstone Castle Featherstone Bridge
Tea stop at the bridge Near to Featherstone, another walker passes the 100 mile mark. This time it's Al Back in the market place, Al thanks his team for the day. They are Rob, Geoff and Irene To end the festival, Al reads a Celtic blessing. It was unexpected and lovely
The four stalwarts who walked the long walk every day - Sandy, Sue, Gwen and Geoff. They each clocked up 124 miles.