Simonburn Circular via Goatstones

Walk 21 in Haltwhistle Spring Walking Festival, 2016. Photos by Marj Baillie, Jane Core and Kate Robinson
Starting out in Simonburn outside St. Mungo's church Marj talks about the improved and unimproved pastures IMG 5795 IMG 5796
IMG 5797 IMG 5798 IMG 5799 IMG 5800
IMG 5801 Lunchtime by the Hopeshiledburn  MG 2110 The colourful group today
Looking for tadpoles IMG 5807 IMG 5809 IMG 5811
IMG 5812 At the Goatstones stone circle and the rain has started Sensible person with an umbrella Looking to the north and the Cheviot Hills
IMG 5816 Lots of sheep in this area The open countryside above Simonburn The tea rooms at Simonburn
Simonburn Village green