Striding Out Day Two

A walk from Eshells to Allen Banks in the Haltwhistle Autumn Walking Festival 2015. Photos by Maureen Hart
01-P1040049 03-P1040051 04-P1040053 05-P1040054
01-P1020956 03-P1020958 Some stiles are quite tough to climb, but there are helping hands 07-P1040058
08-P1040063 04-IMG 1839 05-IMG 1840 08-IMG 1843
09-IMG 1844 Two fell in the mud! 10-P1040068 11-P1040069
12-P1040070 13-P1040072 14-P1040073 15-P1040074
10-IMG 1845 11-IMG 1846 At Silly Wrea Farm 17-P1040083
18-P1040084 19-P1040085 20-P1040086 21-P1040087
12-IMG 1847 13-IMG 1849 22-P1040090 14-IMG 1850
15-IMG 1851 16-IMG 1852 17-IMG 1853 18-IMG 1854
23-P1040091 Ann gives a yellow card! Spindle tree 22-IMG 1864
26-P1040095 20-IMG 1860 27-P1040099 28-P1040100