Striding out Day 3 - Allen Banks to Haltwhistle

Walk in Haltwhistle Autumn Walking Fesitval 2015. Photos by Geoff Chrisp, Marj Baillie and Chris Marples
The new Wobbly Bridge Starting out at Allen Banks 02-P1020960 John tells a tale
A magnificent beast  MG 0917 Coffee stop (also known as banana stop) Gordon always likes to know where we are
 MG 0921  MG 0925  MG 0927  MG 0928
Leading the group sing-a-long! 06-P1020969 07-P1020970 Photobombing
09-P1020973 It's over there (what is?)  MG 0931  MG 0932
3-IMG 5913 11-P1020992 What on earth provoked that? She can smile sweetly
James 4-IMG 5925 Enjoying lunch together A group photo is looming
Please gather for a group photo before I fall off the stile Group 1 Group 2 Caption required!
 MG 0947  MG 0950  MG 0952  MG 0955
 MG 0969 7-IMG 5935  MG 0972  MG 0990
8-IMG 5939 They walked the long walk every day. True total (probably) 114 miles. Well done James, Sandy and Geoff