Sunny Side of the South Tyne

Walk 10 in Haltwhistle Spring Walking Festival 2016. Photos by Geoff Chrisp
Ann describes the walk 005 007 Nearly there, Haltwhistle in sight.
P1040971 P1040972 P1040975 P1040976
P1040977 P1040978 P1040979 P1040980
P1040981 P1040983 P1040984 P1040985
P1040990 P1040991 P1040992 Looks a bit cold at the refreshment stop!
P1040995 P1040996 Jelly baby time. P1050001
P1050002 P1050003 P1050004 P1050005
P1050007 P1050009 P1040999 P1050010
P1050012 P1050013 P1050014