The First Boy Scouts

Walk 21 in Haltwhistle Autumn Walking Festival 2016. Photos by Maureen Hart
Dave, the leader, in his boy scout shirt from a few years ago. Newbrough Town Hall 03-P1000545 Today's group of walkers
05-P1000547 The old gin gan Is some singing involved? At the site of the Boy Scout camp
10-P1000552 11-P1000553 12-P1000554 Dave, Jean and Brian who were the team for the day
14-P1000556 Along Hadrian's Wall Trail Brian talks about the Romans 17-P1000559
19-P1000562 21-P1000564 22-P1000565 23-P1000566
24-P1000567 The Mithriatic Temple at Brocolitia