Wagonways, waterfall and Wighams

Walk in Haltwhistle Spring Walking Festival 2016
First long walkers of the Festival in Haltwhistle Market Place The A team (or so they want to be called!) Brian, Geoff and Alistair Listening to one of Brian's talks  MG 9936
Sam, Maureen and Roger  MG 9958 Elisa and Richard at the coffee stop Geoff describes the microwaves
Helping at a stile  MG 9970 And over the stream Ann on a wobbly rock (1)
Ann on wobbly rock (2) Ann puts her foot in it! Ann is rescued Safely back on dry land again
It is Spring Al and his harem - 'nuff said Quaker Meeting House at Coanwood  MG 0004
Alistair talks about Quakers in the area The graveyard of Wighams Geoff and Sandy, Roger and Sam Elisa and Richard at Lynnshields
 MG 0016 June at Lynnshields The last lap of the walk  MG 0032
Towards Haltwhistle