West Hall Circular

Photos from Walk 6 in Haltwhistle Spring Walking Festival 2017. Photos by Tricia Golden, Marj Baillie and Geoff Chrisp
Kevin looks heavily weighed down P1060743 P1060744 The coffee stop
P1060747 Tiggers enjoying the walk Kevin's jacket is a sight to behold Marj spouting forth about something or other
P1060755 P1060757 P1060758 P1060759
P1060760 It's a fine hat on Geoff's head Views across to the Lake District The group successfully negotiates a small beck
There are primroses on a bank nearby Enjoying the sunshine Marj and Tricia enjoy lunch P1060764
Marj starts the repair to the stile (3 bands of barbed wire are on top of it) The repair in progress She's pretty pleased with the final result And demonstrates how to cross the stile
P1060769 P1060771 It's a bit windy by now P1060775
P1060776 Gwen and Sandy P1060779 P1060781
P1060782 P1060783 P1060790 The group
P1060796 Near the end of the walk, tree hugging took place Tricia was the instigator of the hugging P1060797
P1060799 P1060801 P1060802 Gwen relaxes at the end of the walk