Westgate to Blanchland

Day 1 of the Haltwhistle Autumn Walking Festival 2016. Photos by Marj Baillie, Geoff Chrisp and Maureen Hart
The group is ready to set off for the coach trip to Westgate There is always something to laugh about The start of the walk was up a long, steep hill. 03- DSC7150
01-P1000399 02-P1000402 Al reminisces about his childhood when the quarry was working (many moons ago) 01-P1060798
02-P1060799 03-P1060800 Autumn is definitely in the air 17-P1000432
18-P1060815 As Alistair said "Once you are up you are up" (but forgot to mention the hills to come!) 05-P1060802 06-P1060803
09-P1060806 16-P1060813 Tony checks the date and time settings on the camera Irene and Christine - Sisters
Dave and Ann - both on the team today Is Marj talking about a large melon?? Dave and Liz Looming clouds
17-P1060814 15-P1060812 13-P1060810 14-P1060811
John, Kevin, Catriona and George at the trig point Chimneys on the moors Sandy on Bolt's Law incline 10-P1060807
11-P1060808 12-P1060809 The weather is closing in 12-P1000424
07-P1060804 08-P1060805 Des res There is always a photographer who wil go to extreme lengths for a picture
Worth it Geoff! 11- DSC7166 13- DSC7171 Al made the mistake of allowing us a loo stop - it took ages!
20-P1060817 IMG 8070 During the lunch break, Sue attempts to release Al whose back pack is caught in the zip of his shorts. A welcome lunch break
1-P1020709 The temperature dropped during the lunch break 2-P1020711 3-P1020713
17- DSC7181 Kevin serenades the lonesome pine Everyone joins in the chorus Sometimes he gets a bit carried away
20- DSC7186 21- DSC7188 The rain really set in 23- DSC7192
After the rain stopped there were some pretty sights And some mud too 26- DSC7199