Woodland Walk and Farmhouse Tea

Walk on 29th April in Haltwhistle Spring Walking Festival 2014. Photos by Marj Baillie and Austin Dunphy
Starting at the very centre of Britain The group for the walk, including French visitors The bluebells were out in the North Wood Wood anemones were just opening
P1010054 Thelma and Ann, last but not least Four friends P1010055
Austin and Kevin check the route at break time P1010056 P1010057 P1010058
Kate and Austin, deep in conversation The gorse was flowering beautifully Starting that muddy section near Wydon Eals Farm P1010059
Linda welcomes the group at Wydon Farm with a splendid tea. Linda Ogle P1010060 P1010061
P1010063 P1010064 P1010065 P1010066